Saturday 4 December 2021

Visit of Mananeeya Bhanudas Ji


Report on Visit of  Adarniya  Bhanudas Ji, General Secretary, Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari

On 3rd November 2021, as per our schedule, exactly at 11.00 am, Mananeeya Bhanudas Ji, All India General Secretary of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari and other dignitaries were received with our warm welcome by the Principal Shri. S. Rajkumar, Staff and Students. The visit was accompanied by Susri. Varsha Didi, Secretary, VKVs, Andamans and Susri. Priyamvada Didi, Sampark Sthan Sanghatak of Port Blair. 



After arrival, Principal sir Shri. Rajkumar has taken Bhanudas Ji and other Dignitaries to a visit over entire school premises. Then the first session was conducted with the students of classes VII and VIII, Bhanudas Ji interacted with the students about the Greatness of our Bharath and they also participated with great enthusiasm on various topics like different Indian culture, Languages,  Monuments,  Rivers,  Mountains, Temples and much more on Unity in Diversity of Bharath. The programme was compered by Smti. Kirti Tiwari welcomed the gathering. Song was presented by Miss. Alka and Miss. Bhumika Tripathi.


At 1.30 pm, Second / Post lunch session was arranged for teachers, Principal sir delivered his welcome address, introductory note on Adarniya Bhanudas ji and requested him to enlighten us with his thought provoking motivational speech.

Then during the session, Bhanudas Ji, enlightened the teachers with motivational words and made us to realize our responsibilities of being VKVians in the society for “Man making and Nation building”.

The session was concluded at 2.15 pm with “Shanti Mantra” followed by Kendra Prarthana.     


Monday 4 October 2021

Visit of Adarniya Vishwas Lapalkarji

 Vivekananda Kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya, Port Mout

Report on Visit of Adarniya Vishwas Lapalkarji

On Monday, 04 October 2021, Adarniya Vishwashji, Paschim Bengal Prant Sanghatak of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, Susri. Priyamvada Didi, Sampark Sthan Sanghatak of Port Blair and Susri. Varsha Didi, the Secretary, VKVs in A & N Islands (Jeevan Vrati Karyakartas) have visited our Vidyalaya at around 9.00 am.

They were welcomed and honoured with school band reception. Firstly, they have offered flower and garland to the statue of Swami Vivekananda. Around 183 students, 17 teacher, 03 teacher from VKZPV Ferrargunj and 5 non teaching staff were attended.

The Programme was compered by Smti. Princy K.R. Programme started with lighting the traditional lamp and floral tribute by Chief Guest and followed by Manglacharan
The Welcome address and the introduction of guests were delivered by our Principal Shri. S. Rajkumar, during which all the dignitaries were welcomed with bouquet.

Then, Adarniya Vishwashji interacted with the students of Class IX to XII, in which he motivated the children through narrating interesting short stories and inspired them to explore intellectually, to set a goal and to achieve the same, not to forget our culture and heritage, live a purposeful life and be a patriatic and dedicated to our nation. 

Our Guests lectures were arranged in two venues, so on the other side, Susri. Priyamvada Didi interacted with the children of VI - VIII where she motivated them with the incidents from the life of  Swami Vivekananda to develop our personality as wanted by Swami Vivekananda..

Later at around 10.20 am, there was an interaction of Adarniya Vishwashji with our teachers and it started with the teachers' self introduction. Then Adarniya Vishwashji through his exceptional inspiring speech, motivated the teachers to blossom like a flower and spread the fragrance with love to others and also suggested to follow three rules in our life as said by Dr. A. P. J. Adbul Kalam, they are read the scriptures, do meditation and selfless service to the society.

The Program ended with Shanti Mantra at 11.20 am.

Saturday 2 October 2021

Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Sasthri Jayanti - 2021

 Vivekananda Kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya, Port Mout

Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Sasthri Jayanti - 2021

on 2 October 2021, we have celebrated the Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri in a befitting manner. it began with Procession moved form school gate to IRBn main gate at around 8:15am. Altogether 16 teaching staff, 4 non teaching staff and 201 students of classes VI - XII have participated in the entire event.

 The Programme started with lighting the traditional lamp and floral tribute by our Principal Shri. S. RajKumar. The entire Programme was anchored by Smti. Sabita Devi.  
The importance of the day was highlighted by Smti. Nisha Yadav in particular on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and Miss. Bhumika Tripathi highlighted about the life of Lal Bahadur Shastri and Kumari. Susmita Bhattacharjee of  class XII also gave a speech on this special day about both the Personalities.

Later, Ramdhun was sung by all the teachers and followed by the students. All the teachers and students paid floral tribute to the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi Ji and Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji.

At the end, all the teachers and students have energetically participated in the "Swatchchatha", a duty of cleaning the school campus and the surrounding area of the school and we reconfirmed our campus as free from single use plastic as noted by the Official of IGNO, Port Blair in 2019

The Programme ended with Kendra Prathna at around 11.00 am.

Saturday 11 September 2021

Universal Brotherhood Day Celebration 2021

 Vivekananda Kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya, Port Mout

Report on Universal Brotherhood Day

We have celebrated the "Universal Brotherhood Day 2021" in a befitting manner. The programme was organized in the school mini hall. It started at around 8:45am. Altogether 15 teaching staff, 4 non teaching staff and 66 students of class IX - XII were present.

The programmed started with the arrival of the Chief guest Susri. Varsha Bujone Didi, Member Secretary, VKZPV Port Mout and Secretary of entire VKVs A & N islands, and Guest of honour Susri. Priyamvada Didi, both are our respectful lifetime workers of Vivekananda Kendra.

The programme started with lighting the traditional lamp followed by mangalacharan. At first Smti. B. Latha welcomed the gathering followed by bouquet presentation to the chief guest and guest of honour by the students. 

A special speech by the Principal Shri. S. Rajkumar has explained about the impact of 'Cyclonic Monk' Swami Vivekananda's introduction of Hinduism at the Parliament of the World's Religions, Chicago in 1893.

The importance of the day was highlighted by Smti. Kirti Tiwari. Songs were presented by the students of class IX - XII.

Chicago Address was presented by Kri. Farheen Ashraf of class X in English and Kri. Nehalata of class XI in Hindi. the prizes were distributed to the winners for the recently held competition in connection with Universal Brotherhood Day 2021.

Varsha Didi and Priyamavada Didi in their speech motivated the students to be more Patriatic and devoted to the motherland with few inspiring stories of Swami Vivekananda and other living examples of our VKVians.

The entire programme was anchored by Smti. Princy K. R.

At last, vote of thanks was proposed by Smti. Sita Das, Vice Principal VKZPV Port Mout.

The programme ended with Kendra Prathna at 10:15am.

Friday 10 September 2021

Ganesh Chaturti Celebrations 2021

Vivekananda Kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya, Port Mout

Report on Ganesh Chaturti

Ganesh Chaturti is also known as Vinayak Chaturti. This is a festival to celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesha.


On 10th September 2021, it was celebrated with great pomp and gaiety at VKZPV, Port Mout at around 8.30am in the school premises. An idol of Lord Ganesha was placed and it started with a traditional lamp lighting and aarthi followed by bhajans. One day before the hall was arranged nicely with colorful papers and beautiful flowers for the puja.


Altogether 15 teaching staff, 4 non teaching staff and 65 students of class IX - XII were present. all the teachers and students celebrated the festival with joy and full of devotion. At last at 9.45 am Prasad was distributed to all.

Thursday 2 September 2021

50 Years of Inspiration

 Vivekananda Kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya, Port Mout

Vivekananda Rock Memorial - 50 years of Inspiration

On 02nd September 1970 India and the world saw the Birth & inauguration of a living memorial by a truly national effort- a unique symbol of unity and purity. 

Vivekananda Rock Memorial was inaugurated on 02 September 1970, and dedicated to the nation by   V V Giri, the President of India.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that without the catalytic and stellar role of Mananeya Eknath Ranade Ji, this grand national monument could never have been completed in such a record time.

It’s not just a piece of Rock, but were the Vishwaguru Swami Vivekananda Ji meditated about India’s past, present and future for three days on 25, 26, and 27 December 1892 and discovered the real mission of life. The Spiritual power of the Rock, the footprints of Bharatmata, the Parashakti drew Swami ji to KanyaKumari.

 It is a symbol of unity because the whole nation wished, worked and contributed for it.

Emerson, the great American thinker of the 19th century said, "A great and timeless institution is the lengthened shadow of one man”. If that be so, I have no doubt that the final verdict of history will be that the magnificent Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari is the lengthened shadow of Eknath Ranade Ji.



Monday 30 August 2021

Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations 2021

 Vivekananda Kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya, Port Mout
Report on Krishna Janmashtami 2021

Krishna Janmashtami 2021 was Celebrated at VKZPV, Port Mout to seek the blessing of Lord Krishna on 30th August 2021 with mirth and joy through virtual mode.


It was celebrated to see the extraordinary bod between the children and the Almighty, we have taken the opportunity to both jubilate and learn with the young minds. the students of KG - I and KG - II dressed up as Lord Krishna and Radha complete with flutes, peacock feathers and matkas. most of the students were actively participated and decorated beautifully and the spirit of festivity was enhanced and depicted the life history of Lord Krishna.

The Principal of the Vidyalaya Shri. S. Rajkumar blessed all the students on this auspicious day.

Sunday 22 August 2021

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

 Vivekananda Kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya, Port Mout

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations - 2021


The auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan was celebrated at VKZPV Port Mout on Sunday, The 22 August 2021at around 8:30am. Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters symbolized by the tying of sacred thread, 'Rakhi' around the wrist of brothers.        

The students of class IX - XII, 14 teaching staff and 3 non teaching staff were joined in this celebrations, which was aimed at strengthening the bond of love and harmony.

At first, the class teachers explained about the significance of the day. Later, all the girls tied Rakhis around the wrist of the boys and shared sweets among themselves in all the classes in the presence of the class teachers.

Our teachers have also gone out to the nearby Veterinary Hospital and Indian Reserve Battalion (IRBn) campus and tied Rakhis on the wrist of those officials and they were happy and expressed their gratitude at the juncture.

The programme ended with Kendra Prarthna.



Sunday 15 August 2021

Independence Day Celebration 2021

Vivekananda Kendra Zilla Parishad Vidyalaya, Portmout 

75th Independence  Day Celebration 2021

 We celebrated the 75th Independence Day in the school premises. The programme started at around 09.15 am with the welcome note by one of our teachers Smt. Princy K.R. and all the 18 teaching and non-teaching staff and 23 students of class XI & XII were present.



The Principal of the Vidyalaya, Shri. S. Rajkumar hoisted the national tricolor flag followed by National Anthem and National Song.



One of our Hindi teachers, Smt. Deviya Shosan Dhanwar delivered speech on the topic 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav', followed by three patriotic group songs by the teachers and the students of XI & X II.


 Later, the Principal delivered his Independence Day address and highlighted 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav' which is an initiative of our honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of progressive India and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements. He said, the time has com e that the pride, the love that we feel for our freedom fighters, our country has to be expressed in our actions and then Principal encouraged all the students to take a 'Sankalpa' for the glory of free India and uphold the pride and honour of our country to  enlighten  the entire world.

 The programme was concluded at 10.00 am.