Saturday 4 December 2021

Visit of Mananeeya Bhanudas Ji


Report on Visit of  Adarniya  Bhanudas Ji, General Secretary, Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari

On 3rd November 2021, as per our schedule, exactly at 11.00 am, Mananeeya Bhanudas Ji, All India General Secretary of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari and other dignitaries were received with our warm welcome by the Principal Shri. S. Rajkumar, Staff and Students. The visit was accompanied by Susri. Varsha Didi, Secretary, VKVs, Andamans and Susri. Priyamvada Didi, Sampark Sthan Sanghatak of Port Blair. 



After arrival, Principal sir Shri. Rajkumar has taken Bhanudas Ji and other Dignitaries to a visit over entire school premises. Then the first session was conducted with the students of classes VII and VIII, Bhanudas Ji interacted with the students about the Greatness of our Bharath and they also participated with great enthusiasm on various topics like different Indian culture, Languages,  Monuments,  Rivers,  Mountains, Temples and much more on Unity in Diversity of Bharath. The programme was compered by Smti. Kirti Tiwari welcomed the gathering. Song was presented by Miss. Alka and Miss. Bhumika Tripathi.


At 1.30 pm, Second / Post lunch session was arranged for teachers, Principal sir delivered his welcome address, introductory note on Adarniya Bhanudas ji and requested him to enlighten us with his thought provoking motivational speech.

Then during the session, Bhanudas Ji, enlightened the teachers with motivational words and made us to realize our responsibilities of being VKVians in the society for “Man making and Nation building”.

The session was concluded at 2.15 pm with “Shanti Mantra” followed by Kendra Prarthana.     


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